The video for the process of registration as a Home Tutor is shown in this link step by step.
The profile will become active once it has been verified. It takes generally 10 mins to get verified as a Registered Home Tutor.
Your profile might not be visible for 3 major reasons :- 1 . Your profile is yet to be verified, usually it takes maximum 1 hour 2. You have posted details or contact numbers or unallowed content in your profile. 3. Your plan has expired please recharge your account to activate your profile again. 4. If your reason is not listed above please contact us at 8240138101 / 7980479107
The step by step process of registering yourself as a Student is given in this link.
The resource Tab conatins important announcements, Ebooks, Notes, Videos. You can avail the benefits of importat notes, important updates and download them. Also view the videos posted in the website
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